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Life at home

My dear one has got "Man Flu"
I thought I'd tell the world.
He's laid out flat and sniffing too,
I'll just get on with the work to do.

Mind you, last week I had a "cold".
I managed well it should be told,
But Man Flu is much worse you know
So he's laid out as I told you so.

Should I ring Dr, hospital or zoo?
He looks a rare species
(I've just seen him in the loo!)
He's in a striped nightie,
His hair it stands on end,
His face is red, his back is bent
And he's hurtling down the hall!

I'll get him back into his bed
And pray he'll see the day out.
Should he be trouble, it'll be too bad
I'll put on my coat (I know it's sad)
And take myself out for good long walk
And hope he's human for when I get back!

Re: Life at home

Excellent Liz. Couldn't have made a poem out of that topic. Hope he's on the mend

Re: Life at home

Yes, thanks Ann, Pat is recovering well, hope everyone else is avoiding colds and flu.

Re: Life at home


Been there know the feeling.


Re: Life at home

Happy and healthy New Year to you Pat and your hubby. Keep warm and keep on remembering happy days,

Best wishes