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In the Spirit of Christmas

We arrived in Sequim, remember to pronounce it " Squim " Washington shortly after noon Friday last. We had stopped in Sequim to have lunch at the famous Black Bear restaurant as we had been up since 5:00 am that morning, in order to catch the ferry to Port Angeles.

We had ordered breakfasts consisting of 2 fried eggs over medium, hash brown potatoes, bacon, coffee and toast. The heaping servings arrived and I had just sampled the eggs and hash browns which were excellent and was getting into the bacon when I experienced a sudden attack of heartburn.

Some meats do this for me and I had to leave the table and head for the washroom. After a few minutes there I felt well enough to venture back to the table. I found Frances explaining to the waitress that the food was excellent but that some meats did that to me.

The waitress said not to worry, our meals had been paid for by a Secret Santa. We again said we hoped that my reflux attack had nothing to do with the quality of the meals and the waitress said no. The meals had been paid for by a young couple who had just vacated an adjacent table and who wanted to do this in the Spirit of Christmas.

They had extracted a promise from the waitress not to divulge their identity before they left, but she knew them. We could only ask the waitress to thank them very much and all we could do in return was leave a generous tip.


Re: In the Spirit of Christmas

Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us, though sorry you were troubled so with reflux. I have it too, but never as bad as that!

A very happy Christmas period to you and yours


Re: In the Spirit of Christmas


Glad you found our experience interesting. Further to our breakfast on Dec 23rd. We travelled on to the Holiday Inn Express in Clackamas, Portland OR

From there we drove, the next morning, to Seven Feathers Casino Hotel in Canyonville OR. After spending a few hours at the slots we had supper and I had " Fish & Chips " without any reflux reaction.

We retired to our room early as I was fairly flacked out with the long drive. There I discovered I could not find my old baseball cap, of McMillan Blodel fame, which I had worn proudly in the face of many " Tree Huggers " who had opposed this forest harvesting company which employed hundreds of hard working people. They actually planted more trees than they cut down.

I advised my son Stephen of my loss and he phoned the HIE in Clackamas but they could not locate the hat.

After shopping around the hotel's gift shop, I found a suitable replacement, complete with an eagle emblem and the state name Oregon emblazoned on the crown.

Then tonight, as we were packing for an early start in the morning, I happened to look on the top shelf of the built in wardrobe, and there was the old hat. I advised our son and offered the new cap for his use, attaching a picture of same on the e-mail.

He said he was glad I found the old one and would be happy to wear the new one as it looked Neat.

The joys of senility,


Re: In the Spirit of Christmas

Hi Fortycoats

I like yourself have been troubled with Reflux ,sometimes very painfull . But my doctor had recommended tablets (PANTOPRAZOLE 20MG )

They have been kind to me ,the tablets I mean . Maybe if you enquire ,they would do the same for you .
Love your story of your travels . And also enjoy Mauri,s stories also .
Take care !

Re: In the Spirit of Christmas

Thanks Tommy, I will try that. I have been using Zantac 150 mg tablets, which usually work, though I had digested a couple of these, prior to my described attack.

As you probably know, there is nothing like the choking sensation of the heartburn attack when it sets in.

I find that it is mostly meats, sometimes beef, sometimes bacon and sometimes even turkey or chicken that will trigger an instant attack.


Re: In the Spirit of Christmas


You certainly get around,glad you found your cap.

I have lost 3 items over the last month - blue Crystal beads, my designer watch Joe bought for our 5oth Anniversary @ a pearl necklace of sentmrntal importance.

St. ANTHONY MUST be on his holidays or they are NoT in the Cottage. PLEASE say a prayer that I will find them soon.

I hate too lose anything,so glad you found that cap Fortycoats.