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Metal Supplier in China

The use of the different products, the processing technology and quality requirements of raw materials are also different. Generally speaking, different stainless steel products, the thickness of the required raw materials are also different tolerances, such as two types of tableware and insulation Cup, the thickness of the general tolerance requirements for a higher -3 to 5%, while the general requirements of a thickness tolerance tableware - 5%, -10% steel pipe requirements, the thickness of the hotel with a freezer thickness tolerance requirements for -8%, dealers on the thickness of the tolerance requirements are generally between -4% to 6%.Stainless Steel suppliers At the same time, different products within the export will lead to customer requirements for the thickness of the different raw materials tolerance. General export products, the thickness of the higher tolerance requirements, and domestic enterprises on the thickness of the tolerance requirements are relatively low (mostly for cost considerations), some customers even require -15%.Metal Supplier in China