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War Time

Hi, Now i was born in 1955, so dont recall Wartime. But both my parents worked for the war effort. Mum in Hilden Mill, Father in Lambeg Industrial Research. Mauri, my grandfather lived in Warren Park..William Hawthorne, who fought in the battle off the somme and survived.

Re: War Time

Nice to see you back Terry, hope you are well.

We miss all the old Forumer's that sometimes disappear like Dabbler, Low Roader, Aldene, Frazer etc.

A Happy Christmas to them all. Pat

Re: War Time

Terry, I remember the Hawthorne family in Warren Park Avenue, they lived just a few doors down from us. I can't recall your Grandfather but wasn't there a Billy Hawthorne who went to Central School. We moved from Warren Park I think in 1938 to Lismara Terrace on the Longstone which still stands today so my memories of Warren Park are kind of dim, what was your Father's name?. Mauri