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Through all the years

Through all the years I've been away
A lifetime though it's been
Right until this very day
I still recall The Green
The people there were far from rich
Not one owned a car
But all would have given their very last stitch
To an old drunk man at the bar
So when I go home - yes, very soon
Though the place be changed and mean
I'll look at the sky and the yellow moon
And think of the folk on The Green

Re: Through all the years

Aw, Dabbler

So glad you are to go home, enjoy every second of it, and tell us all about it.


Re: Through all the years


Great to see your name on the posts again, lovely poem, very nostalgic, our memories of long ago seem so special now. Your poem conveys life as it used to be in Lisburn for the people, who lived as a community.

Everyone knew everyone by name or in person, a death or marriage or a tragedy was an event for everyone, it was discussed in detail & the town was interested in the everyday life of all areas.

We heard on the grapevine (another Lisburn trait) that on our Wedding Day, in a butcher's shop, someone remarked on the event & a "swanky lady" remarked,
"Oh I know "hair". Ever after the saying has survived in our family.

Intend visiting Lisburn early November, if you are there then Ann & I would love to meet you.


Re: Through all the years

Mid-November for a few days.I know it will be different, but the memories remain.

Re: Through all the years

lovely nostalgic poem. i'm sure you'll enjoy your visit
good luck tom

Re: Through all the years

Dabbler, I'm so glad to hear from you again. The poem is lovely and comes from the heart. I do hope that I can meet up with you in November. It will be a great pleasure to have some craic about old Lisburn and to speak with you in person. That's a date then. Just name the time and place. Take care.