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Where is Low Roader?

We mentioned Low Roadeer yesterday and wonder how he is, also Dabbler. We know that Dabbler has Parkinson's which may make it difficuclt to him to keep in touch. However, we all commented that Low Roader was once a great and interesting contibutor to the Forum. If you are looking in - Low Roader or Dabbler - post a few words to let us know you are still on the planet.

Down By The Lagan !

Hi Ann Decided yesterday to take a stroll down the Line and any time I do this I always end up at the Point where I recall the craic we as kids had there in our youth ,anyhow while standing there reminising and looking across at the opposite bank I observed a couple not unlike yourselves with a dog heading up towards Grove St but to far away to confirm it was yourselves so I was considering giving a yell but not been sure I was just left to wonder ? Regards Ted

Re: Where is Low Roader?

Hi Anne,

Thank you for your interest.

I have had a problem with my eyes, which, thankfully,has been sorted.

Apart from that I miss my beloved.

I have a question for those of you lucky enough to have attended the seat of learning excellence which, unfortunately, has now closed.

The teachers as I remember them were as follows:

Miss Green, Miss Scannell, Mr Martin, Mr & Mrs Rowan, and Mr & Mrs Woodend.

I cannot remember any more.

Can you help?



Re: Where is Low Roader?

Low Roader It's great to hear from you again sorry to hear of your affliction I do hope you have it sorted soon and you regain normal sight ,I'm afraid you have been very conspicuous by your absence and glad Ann was able to gain your attention in the meantime I am aware of your loss and I just wish to wish you well for the future Kind Regards Ted

Re: Where is Low Roader?

Miss Gillen, Mr ( Archie ) Guest, Miss Cochranan come to mind, good to see you back. Leaving today for the vaterland, am looking forward to a few German beers but not at the Oktoberfest as I would not feel comfortable with the fence around it to highten the security.
Guinness was quite drinkable

Re: Down By The Lagan !

Ted, that was Dominic and myself you saw. We only went for a short walk as the rain was just starting. Sorry we missed you. Why didn't you give us a "gulder" that's another word for the list.

Re: Where is Low Roader?

Low Roader, things are looking up now tHat you're with us. I'll be on tomorrow with some news about my eyes

Re: Down By The Lagan !

Ann I was sorely tempted but I then remembered many years passed a crowd of us as kids used to sit up at Barley Hill and use to gulder not very nice things at girls on the other Bank Ma-Culpa Ma-Culpa we were safe as the Lagan was between them and us ,anyhow sorry I missed the craic ,hope every thing goes well for you ! Regards Ted

Re: Where is Low Roader?

Donald, I hope you enjoyed your stay. No doubt you and Phyllis will be back again and I look forward to another get-together. The Ocktoberfest will be commencing soon and I imagine you'll be sampling all the beers and joining in the festivities. It was good to see you both.

Re: Down By The Lagan !

Ann, The word "Gulder" used to be quite common around Lisburn is it still now.? I remember people describing Sticky Dorman the doorman at the Picture House having a Gulder voice,Davy Jones was another one along with Constable Chestnut and quite a few more. Mauri

Re: Down By The Lagan !

Mauri, "gulder" is not a term I hear any more. I suppose only we oldies would remember it. I wonder does the word gulder come from the Irish or Ulster Scots? I must investigate.