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Haagen-Dazs ice cream ?

Hi Donald and all, is it my imagination ,or am I beginning to dote in my later years HaHa!
Does Haagen -Dazs ice cream ,taste the same as Kitty Molloy,s .
Maybe Donald ,Ann ,and the rest of exilers , can comment .
Just a bit of fun !
Regards to all .

Re: Haagen-Dazs ice cream ?


that brought back memories, I still remember the taste, I think today ice cream is similar to other consumable products, the taste is blended to suit the country it is being sold in, like tobacco and alcohol.


Re: Haagen-Dazs ice cream ?

Hi Tommy I honestly think Kitty Malloys had the edge I dont know if your aware but Mc Keowns shop over the Co Down still use Kitty's recipe and I would buy a large tub now and then as I find it superior to anything in the supermarkets of course I do purchase Hagen-Daz now and then at this moment Lidl have it as I noticed it yesterday in there freezer, Tommy do you like a shot of raspberry on yours or was it strawberry ?

Re: Haagen-Dazs ice cream ?

blended to suit the country. a brewery here in gold coast have guiness under licence. they don't brew it i think they get it it in bulk and bottle it. a few years ago, a guiness inspector,apparantly they travel around to check, had a guiness. he was later on tv nearly having a fit. he found the brewery was adding sugar to the bulk brew, as the brewery manager said,in australia we like our beer a little sweeter.
well the guiness man couldn't believe his ears? he kept repeating on tv you've altered the taste of guiness which is sold around the world.??i
don't know the later result, i think guiness threatened to stop supply to them. i don't buy beer ,i brew my own including stout tom
ps, this should have been on a a previous posting by donald sorry.

Re: Haagen-Dazs ice cream ?

I cant walk down Castle Street without remembering and visualising the magnificent raspberry milk shakes Montgomery's used to make. That was the biggest treat ever.

licking my lips, Liz