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Down the Line

Being a nice morning, we decided to take a walk down the line. Wet set off around 10 am and called into my brother's where we left the car. We just reached the bottom of the steps at Grove Street when we came across a missing Exile - Brendan Matier. He was returning from a walk accompanied by Pippa, his dog. Brendan looked well and told us that he walks the line every morning. We talked about the Exiles and he mentioned Mauri and how they had worked together on the post. He told us that he has a look onto the Forum nearly every night. Maybe he'll come on again, as our numbers are few. It was refreshing and nice to be out and about again and seeing people. The Low Road still feels like home even after all this time. There are still old neighbours living in the same houses and these are the people who made the Low Road what it was in those days. Decent people who would have looked out for each other. I'm getting maudlin' here so better switch off.

Re: Down the Line

Ann, Imagine meeting Brendan while out for a walk,he used to live in Grove Street as a kid with his family wouldn'think he still lives there, hope he does come back on the Forum I used to enjoy his comments. Mauri

Re: Down the Line

when I return to norniron for a holiday I never miss a "wee dander down the line"! It brings back childhood memories of my parents and grandparents, the locks, the mill horn, carrying water from the pump at "Down Villas"! ( What a luxurious name for such hovels)! . I continue down to Hilden Bridge and up past the "overfalls" and the school then continue up where Bridge Street houses once stood. Memories of Ton Trainor, Dan Fitzsimmons, Mickey Sharkey and other characters come awake . Through the "wee park" have a look over where the "EMB" once was and then continue up, turning left into Huguenot Drive for a look at what remains of the "41s"

Re: Down the Line

Ann & all,

Glad to hear Brendan is still hale & hearty, hope he does come back on the Forum as he was well informed of all connected with the Low Road & Lisburn, always enjoyed his posts.

The Line is not what it was by all accounts, the wee Pool is overgrown & the short walk from Grove St. to the 41's & on to the bridge at the back gate of the Mill, is now closed for walking, which is a pity, as it was our playground & short cut to the Lonies etc.

However, from our house in Huguenot. the view across the fields is not to be bettered, especially at sunset or sunrise, beautiful when the Lagan becomes a silver mirror set amongst green & golden fields, with early birds flying above.

Hopefully it will remain so & not be swallowed up with new housing estates like all the lovely green fields that once were the Low Road when I was growing up there.