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Are you all in hibernation?

I see very few inputs recently. Have you all gone on holiday? Nothing exciting to report from me. Nice enough day, cloudy but warm; then the sun came out late afternoon. The evenings stay clear until about 11 pm at this time of the year. This weekend a lot of people will go on holiday or just have a few days off with the Bank Holiday on the 12th July. We will stay put as we've just had a holiday. Mind you, I wouldn't mind a sunshine break - last year Pat and I and her 2 daughters had a week in Spain. It won't happen this year as Pat is going to Canada in September and my nieces have other arrangements. However, never say never. I'm an eternal optimist (usually) or maybe just a dreamer so the thought of a holiday keeps me going. Anyhow, "that's all folks," as the caption used to say in the cinema.

Re: Are you all in hibernation?

do Lidl offer , like here in the vaterland holidays ?
For example a10 days in USA with a hired car, a tank of gas , 7 B&Bs and a return flight for around €800 ? A weeks tour in Ireland, B&B bus transfer for €700. It´s almost cheaper than staying at home.

Re: Are you all in hibernation?

Hi all

This is the time for family visits, my youngest son has just left for Dublin. He did a few jobs for us, like we bought a bird-feeder(a dining-station) that had to be assembled.

It was high & several steel assorted parts, lovely but complicated, so we were glad of the helping hand. Have it in the back garden where we can watch the birds feeding.

I hate these bitty parts so "futtery" to assemble out of boxes & plastic bags. Cost 50Euros so should do for ages, we love watching the birds, plenty around the garden.

The days seem to fly away now & with the garden chores & days out if sunny etc the Forum is neglected somewhat, but Winter will see us all together again.