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We are off on holiday on Saturday, just for a week. One of my sons is staying in the house but we are taking Tess with us. We are renting a cottage in a lovely place called Curracloe, Co Wexford. Curracloe has a beautiful, long, sandy beach. "Private Ryan" was filmed there some years ago. We know the area very well and I am looking forward to visiting Wexford town itself as it is quaint although with plenty of shops. I love a beach holiday and I just hope we get reasonable weather. Notice I didn't ask for "great" weather. Wexford is in the sunny south-east of the country so the climate down there is quite mild anyhow. I hate packing but that's what I was doing today, trying to bring clothes to suit sun, but also rain, because you just don't know. Needless to say I'll bring far too much, but that's me. Then we have to bring the dog's bedding, food, an all the other paraphernalia. Anyhow, I was just trying to tell you that I might not be on again until we come back as there is no Broadband where we are going. Keep the Forum going. I've told Pat to keep posting. In fact, she's only over 100 miles from us in Curracloe and we have invited her and Joe over as we have plenty of room in the cottage. I suppose it's a long enough journey for them and they also have a dog, so we'll see. I'm not away yet so I could be on before the end of the week. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Re: Holidoodles

Ann Bonn-Voage or something like that, Anyhow hope the weather is in your favour, and bring us back à rock! Regards to Dominic

Re: Holidoodles

Have a nice vacation Ann but go easy on the wine.???> Mauri

Re: Holidoodles

Hear Ann & Dominic are pleased with their choice, a lovely pine house with gardens & near the beach & hotel & pub, what else would you want for hols.

They are on the beach every day with Tess who loves the freedom to run & play, the weather is dull but warm with some sun & is to improve by Thursday so all is well with the holidaymakers.

The sea air is affecting Ann, who is usually an early riser, she says she slept until 11.15 this morning. Good for the soul.


Re: Holidoodles

Hi Ann & Dominic & Tess

Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable holiday ,free from dishes ,and cooking .Plenty of dining out!
Take care !
Tommy & Evelyn

Re: Holidoodles

Hi all, my reply disappeared into thin air. Maybe it's too late for me. Glad we're all back on track.

Re: Holidoodles

Seems a long time since the Forum has been up and running. Last time I tried, it said the site had reached its quota of words. Anyhow, appears to be okay for another while. We had a good holiday. Weather was fine with sun and showers but we were on the beach every day, sometimes twice. Tess loved the soft sand and we loved the leisurely walks with her. The beach at Ballinesker is superb, with a long stretch of unending white sand. This, and the calm sea, with the waves lapping up the beach, was a exhilarating. For me, there's nothing like the sea to make a holiday, whether its home or in hotter climates. Anyway, back to porridge this few weeks now. I'm a homebird, though, because after a week I'm ready for the old familiar places. Tommy, I don't do as much cooking nowadays. I just can't be bothered, plus with the two boys away, there's not the same demand. I don't miss cooking on the massive scale that I did before and am quite content now to just cook as required.