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Old Friends

Isn't it nice when out of the blue you hear from old friends, in the past two weeks I have been contacted by two old friends, one who I used to work with and have not seen in twenty odd years although he only lives about 120 miles from me, so we have made a luncheon date towards the end of the month. My other old friend lives in England and is coming over to Canada on vacation so we will meet up for a few beers together its about five years since I seen him, he is ex Royal Navy so the lamps will be swinging with the story telling????. Mauri

Re: Old Friends

Hello Mauri

Yes, I know the joy! Yesterday I heard a school friend's lovely voice on the phone. I have known her since we were five, and went to Largymore. We would visit her and her husband when we are in NI usually but hearing an old friend's voice is so good. Music to my ears! Fond memories too of school days.

Re: Old Friends

Liz, I have only met up with one guy that I went to the Central with,and this was back in the early 60s when I was on leave in Lisburn and walked into Paddy Haig's pub on Chapel Hill when a voice from the back yelled my name, it was an old school friend who believe it or not on one occasion when he was about to be caned by the male teacher grabbed the cane and broke it then took off out of school. Unfortunatley a few years after I met him he was swimming under Moore's bridge and after diving in got caught up in some underwater obstacle and drowned. Mauri