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Bucket Lists

Hi all,

I asked a question about Bucket Lists but it seems to have got caught up in a clomergation of threads about differect things.

Any of you care to reply, I would be interested to hear all the various themes of wishes.


Re: Bucket Lists

This bucket list thing is a new phenomena. I suppose it's just a light-hearted way of putting down our thoughts on things we may or may not ever do, but might want to. I don't think I really have a lot I would wish for as I'm thankful for my good health and contentment in my later years.

However, taking this in the way I mentioned, I suppose I might like to visit New York at Christmas time; see Venice again, but at night; learn to play the piano and then buy one. I haven't the desire for much more; maybe an apartment in Italy would be nice. Anyhow, as I say, I'm grateful to be alive and well.