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Illusions - shattered!

At present I'm on the right side of 70. It's telling when you think the right side of 70 is something to brag about. Anyway, in my head I'm still 35 or so. I imagine I don't look 70 plus, but a couple of incidents, one last week, and one today, reminded me that I'm fooling no-one but myself. I was in a shop outside Lisburn last week, a wee country place. I only bought 3 items and put them in my carrier bag. The wee girl looked at me and asked if I could manage them OK. My reply was "A young girl like me"? She smiled sympathetically at my weak joke.

Today I was in Lisburn Mall. I had just had a coffee and some lunch and was heading home. A group of about 4 or so were standing outside the entrance of the coffee shop as I made my way out, making it difficult for me to pass. The younger female in the group alerted the others to "make way for that wee woman". Talk about your illusions being shattered.

It won't put me off from feeling 35 years old. Just avoid looking in a magnifying mirror, though. Ah, well, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

Re: Illusions - shattered!

Hi Ann I also experienced a similar encounter some years ago, Pat and I were visiting a home for the aged and infirm and Pat had reason to visit the office at reception so I took a seat in the foyer to wait on her , Consequently 3 young girls came in aged 15 --16 laughing and giggling and they stopped with me and asked how I was today I told them I was good and it was kind of them for asking, so they skipped gaily on there way and the penny dropped they thought I was a bloody patient, some leveler ! Regards Ted

Re: Illusions - shattered!

I always laugh at the day my Doctor told me my pains & aches were all "Wear & Tear" I remonstrated with him that I felt fit & well otherwise, & he replied

"Well, the years are there no matter how you look or feel." Talk about feeling old all of a sudden.

He should see me now, hobbling around on a stick....blast him for reminding me.