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Hearing the name 'Shady' in Harriet's post made me recall nicknames from when I was young. My own nickname was "Ginger" because of my hair colouring. However, I remember 'Star' McManus; 'Ciggie' Magee; 'Ghandi' English'; 'Dirty Dick; 'La' McManus; a certain woman was nicknamed "the bow-legged chicken"; 'Bunny' Crossey; 'Hopper' Rooney; 'Bootsie' Hughes; 'Shaky' Peter; There were loads more but that's all I can think of just now. What about the rest of you? I expect there were nicknames from everywhere in the town.

Re: Nicknames

Tojo Spence, Jazzer Haire, Moko Murray, Nail in the boot. So many more.

Re: Nicknames

Ton Trainor, Waddy Woodende, Guttie Slipper Man,

Re: Nicknames

Here are a few I remember,with a few from Joe,

Hampy Hamilton, Chang Anderson, Fart Flanagan, Crutchy Patterson, Putty **** Dicky, Hop Dickson, Bull mc Manus, Oliver Twist, Jenny mc Clinkers, Mother Of Sorrows, Moaning Dick, Yellow Duffy, Scuddler Gillian, The Ack away kid, Hawk mc Shane, Rocky Burns.... Nearly everyone had a nickname then if you answered to it.

Now it would be a racist or discriminatory offence.???