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Just so you'll know.

Hi all, as you may know I was diagnosed with macular disease some time ago. The condition has rapidly become worse over the past few months. As I type this I can barely see the print - that's how bad it is. My reading is non-existent now although I can acquire audio books if I feel inclined. I have to use a magnifying glass to read the newspaper. I know it sounds a bit funny, but it really isn't.. Meeting people in town and not being able to recognise them is dreadful and embarrassing too. I tell everyone when this happens so I suppose eventually most people will know of my condition ,especially now that I've announced it on the Forum. It's not the worst thing to happen and I'm not complaining at all. However, I thought I should share this with you and you might understand if I make a few typing mistakes, even though we were taught touch-typing. I will note go blind and it really only affects me when I meet people or attempt to read anything. To look at me or my eyes you would never know so it's only a very minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things. Nothing to do with ageing of course!!!!!!!

Re: Just so you'll know.

hI Ann So sorry to read of your condition as it has come as a shock ,probably I may have read of it before and paid little attention , this Old Age and the inconveniences that attach themselves to it are a curse as if its not one thing its another, Regarding any spelling mistakes we will give you a fools pardon, in the meantime hang in there we haven't died a winter yet, your very much in my thoughts Kind Regards To You Both, Ted

Re: Just so you'll know.

Ann, So sorry to hear about your eyesight problem though you seem to be handling it really good.Do hope that you can get treatment to keep it in check. All Best Wishes. Mauri

Re: Just so you'll know.

very sorry to hear of your eye problem. a neighbour had that as well, and used to get audio books. i'm back on gold coast ,saturday, and today went to tai chi at the seniors club. that was a shock, as quite a few had new problems, knees, one had a stroke and no feeling on left side. anyhow, with your positive 0utlook on life and sunny attitude you'll cope well. all the best tom

Re: Just so you'll know.

So sorry to hear about your eye condition The lady across the road has it but is able to walk to Tesco by herself and she has had it for some time. You have a very positive outlook which should help. To cheer you up a bit, I have been discharged from the City hospital cancer dept after 11 years and when I was coming out tried to give a kick jump which was not very successful but it made Tom laugh and any others who were watching. God bless Margaret

Re: Just so you'll know.


So glad to hear your good news, we never know what others are suffering in silence. I am sure you & Tom are celebrating, nothing lifts the spirits like special news of good health after serious diagnosis.


I know your condition has worsened but these days wonderful advances in Medicine are happening, in the meantime, keep on going, as you always tell me.

I know at this moment you are in the Lisburn Market, don't pick a turnip for a melon, get Dominick to check first.!!


Re: Just so you'll know.

Hi Ann,

I remember you telling us about your eye problem,I am so sorry it has worsened, have they suggested any form of treatment??? I have two members of our Irish Club who both suffer from Macular Degeneration, one has a dry type, as she calls it, the other has to have an injection in his eyes every three or four months, that doesn't sound nice at all. However with your all round attitude I know you will beat this thing. In the meantime Ann, you are in our thoughts and prayers,God is good,take care.

Beano and Doreen.

Re: Just so you'll know.

Thanks to all of you for your good wishes. I know a lot of people with this problem so it's quite common and I am not unique. BEANO, my macular is the dry type for which there is no treatment. I hope I didn't give the impression that I'm almost blind because I am not. I can drive and do everything that I did before. The only way it affects me is trying to read or watch TV; seeing people from afar is another one, as I cannot recognise them until they are quite near. It really is nothing, a minor inconvenience.

MARGARET, congratulations on your good news. I can imagine you giving that skip-jump (like Morecambe & Wise). I could just picture it. Now your news is something to talk about. I hope Tom treats you to a nice holiday now. You both deserve

TOM, I had to smile when I read of all the other "oldies" and the various conditions. No-one told us about this when we were young. Have a nice time when you're away.

Mauri, thanks for your good wishes.

TED, I'll see you on Cemetery Sunday. (you better come up close or I won't recognise you). Dominic is not the jealous type so you'll be all right.)

If I've left anyone out I apologise. By the way, where is Donald this weather?

Re: Just so you'll know.


I,ve been trying to post now for some time but it always vanishes. My last post was about asparagus and rhubarb season now open here but it did not show.

keep your chin up


Re: Just so you'll know.

Donald, good to know you are in the land of the living still. I always try to keep my chin up about minor health problems. As I say, it's nothing but an inconvenience at present. A posting from you came up earlier when I was replying to something or other. The date was maybe 2013 and you were talking about a parishioner who shouted out "F... the *******" in church when renouncing Satan. I heard that story before but I always thought it was just a joke. Then I read Ted's reply and he seemed to know who it was. Apparently the person is dead now but I would love to know that person's name. Let me know privately as it's very funny.