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Sunday Morning

I've been fairly busy these past few days. My daughter moved house on Friday and we've been helping, so I didn't have time for the Forum. I notice that when one of us goes "missing" the postings appear to drop off. Being Sunday, I'll quote from the Bible - "Did you not know I must be about my Father's business?" Well, we weren't great Bible readers so the quote may not be absolutely correct. Anyway, that's where I was - about my daughter's business. I've been keeping Rachel too, which gives me many a laugh at the things she says. She's still here, fast asleep, so I'm taking the opportunity to put a few things down. I'll continue on another post.

Re: Sunday Morning

It's a lovely, sunny morning here. I haven't a clue what the forecast is today. Yesterday was warm and sunny and I did a bit of weeding. I've never really done any weeding before, so I may have inadvertently pulled up some snowdrops. Weeds hide in the middle of flowers so they're hard to see. I found quite a few between the tulips. We don't have a big garden, but I counted the tulips in the front yesterday and found we have around 160. I think the next blooms will be bluebells and the big paper poppies as well as lilac. This is the time of year I love best, seeing nature come to life. Not much else to report just yet, but it IS early. Goodness knows what the day will bring.

Re: Sunday Morning

Hi all,

Beautiful sunny warm morning, blue skies & all signs of a good week so outdoors in the garden to WORK, after the weeds & debris of Winter. LATER. Take a lot of getting ready the flower beds & tubs etc. Getting too old for heavy work.!!

I went into town yesterday & walked about too much so today my legs are no good to me, hence on here sitting at my compute, until after 2.00pm. when I will endeavour to do some work.

This waiting for a knee operation is no joke, walking gets worse all the weeks that pass & I was an active person, so it is sometimes depressing to know I can't do what came naturally before the blow fell.

Enjoy your good health & realise it could go any timme so make the most of every day & your mobility, get up & go, I certaintly will when I am mobile again.


Re: Sunday Morning

Hi all,

Got a skip filled with rubbish from the sheds & garden, so all week Joe & I worked hard to "red up." I did little lifting but helped put things into the skip, while keeping Finn( our 2 year old Beagle) out of it or running away with bits.

He managed to steal a big fluffy red duster on a stick & the garden was littered with brightly coloured tufts of fluff before he got fed up worrying it. They say after 2 years a dog settles down, so waiting for his birthday the end of May for a rest & quiet times again.!!!

Going to Galway tomorrow for a day with my daughter, in her car, so looking forward to a break & some shopping in the garden centres on the way home. I fancy a bird feeder, but they are so expensive for a free standing one.

75/8O Euros each, nice ones, sturdy & painted green & red, but I will look around for a bargain. Bought some solar lanterns today for the pathway, hope the sun shines to light them as it has turned cold again today.

This is my news for now, talk to you soon again. Pat