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Weekend Away

We had a nice weekend down in Westport. It rained continuously on the drive down but just a few miles before we reached our destination, the skies cleared. The weather stayed lovely for the whole weekend and it was even warm. We arrived on Friday and left Monday morning. We both enjoyed the break. The hotel was good, as was the food. We had a lovely view from our room too, so all in all a good time was had by all. Ted, no dancing in the hotel but it didn't matter as there was a group playing on Saturday night. Back to porridge again. Westport is a busy wee town, plenty of life about it and shops galore. I didn't buy anything except a few presents. I was tempted but nothing really took my fancy. I'm sure Dominic was relieved. However, in TK Maxx this morning I bought myself two pairs of shoes. Sssshhhhhh!!!!!!

Re: Weekend Away

Re shoes I bought. One pair are great and I've already worn them in the house. Made in Spain, they're good quality and I'll get plenty of wear from them. The other pair were more an impulse buy. Lovely shoes, silver, but not practical. On second thoughts I'm going to return these. I may or may not replace them with another pair. Watch this space. Dominic is blissfully unaware of thee purchases but the whole of know. If Danny K is looking in, keep quiet. This is our secret. I will casually reveal my purchases a week or two from now. He's used to this. For all I know he may be well ahead of me and just pretends not to know. It's a game and I think all women play this particular game.

Re: Weekend Away


My ploy is to say nothing & when I wear the purchases & it is remarked on, I just say "Oh have you not seen this before, I have it for ages" which is probably true by then.

What they don't know does them no harm. Pat