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The Lisburn Exiles Forum is dedicated to the memory of James Goddard Collins (The Boss) who single-handedly built LISBURN.COM (with a lot of help from many contributors) from 1996 to 29th November 2012. This website was his passion and helping people with a common interest in the City of Lisburn around the world is his lasting legacy.

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Another atrocity committed by ISSIS and again in Europe. I just don't understand why the UN does not organize a combined military force to go after them in their main location in the Middle East and wipe them out. I realize its very difficult to weed out the cowardly and stupid idiots who plant these bombs in major cities but if their main force were wiped out the would be assasins might back off ?? That's my opinion anyway, Mauri


Mauri, I heartily agree with you. It might seem brutal to attack the innocent as well as the headcases, but sometimes these things have to be done for peace. I wonder did they find their 50 virgins each when they blew themselves into eternity.