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Easter being early this year means clearer evenings from next week, the daffodils are in abundance all over the place, the Motorways are a blaze of yellow.

Although it is still cold out of the sun, we can look forward to better weather for months to come, the garden is requiring attention now but I find putting out flowers, or hanging baskets, before late April is a waste of time. Grass cutting has begun,the sound of mowers are pleasant of an evening.

The farmers have fertilized their fields & the cows & sheep & horses are out & about again.

Today is hazy but dry & cool, rain forecast for Wed. but no complaints after a week of sunshine & a beautiful St Patrick's Day.

Looking forward to Summer already, it is on its way, round the corner.


Re: Easter

Easter is almost upon us and it has crept up so quietly and quickly that I can hardly believe that this weekend is Easter weekend. I prefer Easter to Christmas. Last Sunday in church the choir sang my favourite hymn "All in the April Evening". It always bring a tear to my eye, but also reminds me that spring is here. I will have to "get the finger out" and do some baking this week. I have promised to make two pavlovas for Easter Sunday dinner at my daughter's house. Not a big job but on the list nevertheless.

Our daffodils are out, lots of miniatures which make a lovely colourful display in the front garden, and a tub with the bigger daffs. Dominic has cut the lawn twice so far, just the front. Apparently the back garden is still too damp. SO, onwards and upwards towards summer. Mind you, I prefer spring to summer, but great to be shaking off winter. Brrrrrrrrrrrr!