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To all my friends on the Forum and ALL Exiles everywhere, Doreen and I would like to wish everyone a "VERY HAPPY ST.PATRICK'S DAY. May the the sun shine on you all.



thanks for that. the sun is definitely shining here, it's 31 degrees c
but i was at tai-chi this morning and on the way home i stopped in at a place called ' dan murphy' a cut price liquor store and bought a bottle of jameson i have a video of celtic thunder two actually, and one of the dubliners. i'll be on my own tonight, so i think it will be a very pleasant and relaxed st. patricks day. good luck tom


Thanks Beano 8am Sun is up I'm still in my scratcher contemplating where to go today but herself will inform me later,In the meantime here's hoping that you and Doreen and all on the forum enjoy the day that's in it, Slante


Beano and Tom, you both beat me to it. I was just coming on to wish all Exiles a Happy St Patrick's Day to find that you were there first. It's a beautiful sunny morning here and St Patrick has definitely turned the stone for us this year. ( have never actually discovered what that saying means). Must Google it. We have nothing in particular planned for today. I think it's the Exile abroad who celebrate St Patrick more that we do at home. Of course there will be parades in different towns and cities, but none in Lisburn, which is a pity. I wouldn't be surprised if we end up going down the line or visiting the Wallace Park with Tess. Same old, same old. Anyway, wherever you are, whoever you are, have a good one. PS. Dominic bought several tins of Guinness last night and of course he has his Jameson and single malt here anyway. SO, one way or t'uther (Ulster Scots mixed in) we'll all celebrate St Patrick today.


Happy St.Patricks Day to all. It will be a quiet day for us,I will probably have a couple of beers later on,unlike St.Patricks days gone by when there was no limit.
Tom I could tell you some stories about some of the St.Patricks days I celebrated in Aussie.though the last one I celebrated there was on a visit with my late wife sometime in the 70s just can't remember the year when we had dinner in a restaurant on top of the new tower overlooking Sydney harbour.(Memories). Mauri


Hi all,

It really was a Very Happy St. Patrick's Day in Ireland this year BECAUSE the sun shone all the time.

St Patrick turned the stone sunny side up for us. Dublin was invaded with thousands for the parades & marching bands. We watched on T.V.

Everyone young & old enjoying the fun, a day to remember. Pat