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'O what a beautiful morning'

We're having another beautiful morning here. Yesterday was the same. We took Tess down to the Wallace Park in the afternoon. Others had the same idea as the park was alive with people. Great to feel the first rays of the early sun, just a gentle heat, promising more to come. (hopefully). I have no plans for today. Usually I find that something arises anyhow, whatever my original thoughts were. I do need to tidy up, especially our bedroom and particularly my wardrobe. It's a chore I hate because it makes me feel guilty going through racks of clothes, some of which I regret now buying, as I realise they were a bad choice. Ho hum, a woman's work is never done. No word about Pat's phone being fixed yet. I spoke to her daughter yesterday and she confirmed what I thought - the housing developments will be seen to first. By the time they get to the cottage at the end of the boreen, it'll be Easter.

Re: 'O what a beautiful morning'

The best things I like about winter is the log burner with its cheerfulness, and the fact that I don't have to garden. This has been a very mild winter in this part of the country, with just a couple of short hail storms, and no snow, but I think winter is over when I see how beautiful it was today, and warm. I decided I would tidy up in the fairly large back garden just for a starter, and was most surprised when I was getting along nicely and really enjoying it and stayed for an hour and a half. So it wasn't too bad, and perhaps I will really get stuck into it now and get it into shape and surprise myself.


Re: 'O what a beautiful morning'

Weather here in Southern Ontario has been relatively mild for the past few days in fact about the same as in Belfast going by the weather reports in the paper, which has cleared away all our snow though there is to be a drop in temperatures on Thursday and Friday resulting in more snow though this shouldn't amount to much. Clocks went forward one hour last Sunday and spring officialy arrives this week so really warm weather is on the way??. Mauri