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Pats absence

I,d better tell you the reason pat hasn't been on recently. In fact it never struck me that she would have had no access to her computer and that's the reason I Didn't mention her absence. Since a thunderstorm hit co Clare two weeks ago, neither her phone or internet are working. I haven't been speaking to pat in all this time and only realised yesterday that she wouldn't be connected to the internet. I think it's disgraceful to have been cut off for this length of time in this day and age. We usually ring each other every single day so I miss our wee yarns, as I'm sure she does. When she's reconnected I'm sure she'll have plenty to say.

Re: Pats absence

Hi Ann

As the old saying goes (Maybe she is getting her head showered )HaHa!

Joking aside , I feel for her ,as this computer is fantastic ,as we all can be in touch at the touch of a button . And when my computer is down it seems like a death in the family . Hope that herself and the family are all well ,and she is soon back on line .

Re: Pats absence

Hard to believe that communications have not been restored in Clare and vicinity after two weeks,they must be short of something?? or maybe waiting for permission to go ahead??. I remember arriving in Bangor on the SS British Osprey back in the early sixties and sailing up to Belfast the next day for dry docking. That weekend it snowed and the roads were in a hell of mess, sitting in Jakie Corkens later on I got talking to guy who turned out to be a contractor who had the contract for clearing the snow but could not start until he got permission from Lisburn Council which seemed pretty daft to me conditions being what they were, I wonder if something similar occurred in Clare??. Mauri

Re: Pats absence

Mauri and all. Pat's phone has been TEMPORARILY re-connected so I was speaking to her yesterday UNTIL WE WERE CUT OFF. She will explain the situation herself. I think from what she said that the power cut was something to do with the wires around her cottage and a tree. If she would just pay her electricity bills like the rest of us!!!!!!!! Anyway, she'll be back soon. Today is her birthday so we'll wish her a very Happy Birthday; her age is her business. No doubt she'll be having a few glasses of wine or champagne - never too old for a tipple.

Re: Pats absence

Happy Birthday Pat and may you have many more. Mauri

Re: Pats absence

Thanks Mauri,

The reason our phone & Internet was off was because a cable was down some way up the lane & the men had missed it on account of the trees. Then I heard a message on the fault report line to say repairs would take some time so I didn't persue it any further either.

Thankfully as soon as I did ring from my mobile again, the fault was discovered & repaired the next day thankfully. It was isolating to be cut off from everyone except by mobile, which cost a fortune in the intervening weeks.

Living here is wonderful, but I like to be in the fold outside too.Good to be back online & on phone.


Re: Pats absence

Hi all friends,

Thanks everyone for the Birthday Wishes, they mean a lot to to me,it is great to think someone is wishing you well & taking the time to let you know.

No word yet about my knee operation & I am looking forward to holidays this year after all the Winter's rain, but afraid to book anything in case I am sent for soon.

At my age now time is of the esssence, no time to waste idling.

Oh, to win the Lotto & be independent & go private......Pat

Re: Pats absence

Pat, the way the Health Service here is heading, I think we're all being pushed towards Private Healthcare. It won't really affect us, (too old)but the younger people will be faced with the decision in the not too distant future. Our GP told someone recently "You think things are bad now - well, they'll be getting worse soon." I am an advocate of private healthcare but by deducting a sum out of salaries each month, as in other countries. The National Health Service was a great idea at the time bur it's on the way out now. The waiting lists here are ridiculous. I need a new hip, but I will have to wait a year. Luckily enough, I don't have too much discomfort but it would be all the same if I had. The Health Service is a mess, that's my opinion and from my recent time in hospital, I can vouch for that. Over-worked staff, patients lying on trolleys for hours waiting for a bed, an overflow of patients being served soup in plastic cups while waiting to be admitted, and all the time the impossible task of trying to find beds for all these people. It's utter madness. Not the nurses nor doctors' faults, but the big fat directors, making these decisions from their massive leather covered desks with an expensive floral display in the corner. Would they like it? I think not. Do they care? Not in the least. Ah well, that's my spout over for today. As Pat says, roll on the Lotto.