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It's wonderful what happens in a week.

As you may know, I am on the list for a right full hip replacement. However, this hasn't stopped me walking the dog every day or doing my usual chores. However, two Saturdays ago I spent 6 hours in Belfast going round the shops. I felt myself beginning to limp and by the time I got home I was in real pain. To cut a long story short, I was taken by ambulance to the Royal Hospital where there was a query as to whether my hip was fractured or not. After many x-rays, no-one could make a decision whether it was a fracture or not so I had to wait for a scan. The scan showed a lot more deterioration in my hip but no acute fracture. I was in hospital for 4 days but I have recovered fully and walked the dog for the first time today. I am still awaiting the operation of course, but that could be a long time. No more 6 hour shopping trips for me. Mind you, I did get a nice coat so it wasn't entirely wasted. SO, when the Forum's off you never knows what's happening.

Re: It's wonderful what happens in a week.

Hi Ann,

I am sorry for your hip problem, problem is, the deterioration doesn't get any better, please take care. I sincerely hope you get your surgery sooner than you say it wasn't all bad......a new coat.


Re: It's wonderful what happens in a week.

Ann, Sounds exactly like what happened to Joy some time back and even though she was operated on and every thing is fine she insists on using a cane while walking as she blames a fall she had on creating the problem. I myself had my right hip done several years ago and have had no least up to now??. Mauri