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Familiar tunes

Hi all,

I heard "A few dollars more" film music played the other morning & it took me back to the film with Clint Eastwood.

Wonderful times, him with the poncho & the cigar & the easy stride into town to clean it up in his own way.

"O what a beautiful morning" " Tammy" "Gigi" to name but a few come to mind.

The song "The Cuckoo Waltz" reminds me of my youth & first boyfriend who used to whistle it to let me know he was outside the window of the office in Hilden.

Any of you have a favourite tune.? Pat

Re: Familiar tunes

Danny Boy
My Own Lovely Lee
Molly Malone

These are the first four I thought of!


Re: Familiar tunes

Pat, Just a few of my favoutite tunes.

Green Glens of Antrim by Bridie Gallagher

All Jim Reeves songs

The Wild Colonial Boy

All Jim Nabours songs

Harbour Lights

Danny Boy

And others too numerous to mention. Mauri

Re: Familiar tunes

Hi Pat,

I used to whistle "The man from Laramie" outside an old girlfriends window to let her know I was waiting for her.......

My favourite songs..... Danny Boy
Fields of Athenry
Rose of Alandale
Isle of Innisfree
Anything by Elvis
Anything by Marty Robbins


Re: Familiar tunes

A-round the corner by Joan Stafford
Tennessee waltz by PattiPage
Auf weidershen by Vera Lynn
The wild colonial boy, by us yokels
Secret love By Doris Day

I remember, maybe in the fifties, we used to think there was nothing like these old tunes, in those days it was important to know the lyrics, the music lingered forever.
A-Round the Corner, by Jo Stafford, waiting for one Henry Lee, whoever he was. As the announcer would say, "And who can ever forget, The Tennesee Waltz", which we pronounced Tennisee Wallace, just to be different.
Auf Weidershen by Vera Lynn, was very popular in my neck of the woods, as was The Wild Colonial Boy for some reason, guess at that age we were all rebels.
Doris Day's Deadwood Stage is still in my head as is her Secret Love. Somehow Three Coins in a Fountain, was purposely misquoted as Three Cows up a Mountain, sounded funny at the time.
Those were the days " We used to go awandering "


Re: Familiar tunes

Fortycoats, as usual you haven't lost your sense of humour.

I couldn't give you all my favourite pieces of music as there are far too many but here's a few, some old, some more recent.

I learned to waltz in Sammy Osborne's studio to Debbie Reynolds' "Tammy".

When I was 17 I loved Ricky Nelson singing. My favourite song of his was "There'll never be anyone else but you".

In 1961, the year we were married, Elvis Presley singing "Wooden Heart" will always remind me of that year and our wedding.

Bobby Darrin's "Beyond the Sea", another lovely song and a good foxtrot..

Lots of Elvis's, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and many, many others.

Some of the late Freddie Mercury's songs were lovely too. I particularly liked "Don't Stop me Now" and I still would have a jig around in the kitchen if it comes on the radio.

I also like "All in the April Evening", a beautiful hymn and I look forward to hearing our choir singing this very soon. It always brings a tear to my eyes, don't know why. Probably because it's so beautiful.

That gives you a broad list. I love jazz too, but there you go, that's my choice from a long list.