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My recent short stay in hospital brought back memories of other hospital confinements. One of the most unexpected was shortly after I had joined my first ship in the Merchant Navy the Orient Liner RMS Orcades. I joined her in London and we sailed for Australia calling in Gibralter and Naples on the outward voyage. Shortly before arriving in Naples I was experiencing severe stomach pains so went to the ships sick bay and the sick berth attendant sent for one of the two ships doctors, the one who showed up turned out to be an Irishman from the south and as he had been called from a cocktail party he was half bombed. After examing me he more or less accused me of shaming to get out of work which made me so mad I nearly hit him, so I stamped out of the room and then collapsed half way down the corridor, I was picked up by a couple of guys and taken back to the hospital then the other younger doctor came down to see me and the next morning told me I was suspected of having a stone in the kidneys. Rather than put me ashore in Naples or Port Said I was taken on to Aden and put ashore into the British Military Hospital there where I was operated on to have the stone removed. I then had to wait for a short time for a ride back to the UK on the next available ship. Mauri

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Mauri, and you couldn't give the negligent doctor a piece of your mind I suppose.

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Doctors differ & patients die.

Hate those know-all doctors, especially tipsy ones.


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Ann, I couldn't repeat here what I said to him??. Actually he came to see me when I was confined to bed and very sheepishly enquired how I was and what they intended to do and why they would not put me ashore in Naples or Port Said. Mauri

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Mauri, good for you