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My favourite Newspaper

Three to five drinks a week lowers risk of heart failure and heart attack
Experts say it doesn't matter if a person drinks wine, beer or liquor
Moderate alcohol consumption 'is part of a healthy lifestyle', they say
Drinking 3 to 5 drinks a week lowers heart failure risk by 33%, study found
And risk of heart attack drops 28% with each additional drink, it revealed

I always knew this, that is why I look after my health by taking a double dose regularly. The Daily Mail has become my favourite Newspaper

Re: My favourite Newspaper

Donald, it's just as well we don't take everything written in the newspapers seriously. Some days they say one thing, then the following week something to the contrary. Dominic's favourite newspaper is the Irish News which he reads avidly every single day and night, sometimes the following morning too, before he buys that day's. I just scan the paper, usually for the women's page and style. I must say I like the Sunday Times, but really only because of the loads of magazines that come with it. One of my sons buys it and gives it to me when he's finished - too dear for me.