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A cold and frosty morning.

Awoke this morning to see a fine, white frost covering the lawn. The house is lovely and warm so it's delightful to admire the scene from the comfort inside. There's a fog or mist (I don't know which) too. I don't intend going out today, except for walking Tess, which will have to be later when the footpaths are no longer slippery.

I have taken a notion to bake again. I had stopped for a good while. However, bought a mixer some months ago and felt guilty looking at it in pristine state sitting unused on the worktops. I began last week and made a couple of Victoria sandwiches, one which I gave to my grand-daughter who called round. I baked a Madeira cake too, something which I made for donkey's years, and it turned out well and tasted delicious. Yesterday I made another Victoria sandwich which I intend to ice and decorate for Dominic's birthday tomorrow. Rather than bake another Madeira cake I made a lemon drizzle, which will be a change. I know this will bore the life out of you all but sure it keeps the Forum going, even if it's nonsense. Better go, have a shower and get dressed. The fog or mist is clearing and the forecast is for a sunny afternoon.

Re: A cold and frosty morning.


I am retired from baking, except for the odd apple cake, or sweet mince tarts, as everyone seems to be dieting these days.

Sounds lovely the drizzle cake & things, but I am sure Dominic had a lot of "redding up" to do, knowing you when you bake. Lucky you, Joe doesn't know even where to put dishes or things IF he had to wash up.!

Spoiled from the beginning. Can't teach an old dog new tricks.