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Missing from us

Hi all,

I see Dabbler did not reply to our query about his absence & Mauri has not been on lately either. Hope both are well & in good health & that we will hear from them soon.

We are missing you both lately with your interesting posts. The Forum is not the same without all members input.


Re: Missing from us

Hi All, Thanks Pat, a couple of weeks ago I finished up in the hospital after Joy had called an ambulance when I passed out and was in there for a week or so. Have just been taking it easy for a couple of weeks now and still have a couple of doctor's appointments. Just wondering where Dabbler has got too hope everything is OK with him.
Anyway here is saying Hi to everybody enjoy life when you can as you never know whats around the corner.???? Mauri

Re: Missing from us


Lost my first reply so here goes again.

Thanks for letting us know what the trouble was & I hope you are well again, take it easy & slow from now on, we sometimes forget the years are rolling by & the wear & tear of living.

Years ago, after an operation the surgeon told me to "Live your life in slow motion from now on" but until now I didn't take his advice.

Wishing Joy & yourself many many more years of good health as you are two good people & we have not enough of them these days. Take care & slow down.


Re: Missing from us

Mauri I must apologize for not replying to your post. It was an oversight on my part. I trust you are feeling better now. Keep well and look after yourself. Don't forget to keep posting your adventures.

Re: Missing from us

Pat, Joy says thanks and all our Best Wishes to you and yours.

Ann, No problem, Thank you for your good wishes and have a great week end. Mauri