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Who remembers Valentine's Day?

Most of us are oldies on the Forum so I expect Valentine's Day means very little to us now. Do you remember the days when you received a huge Valentine's Day card with little verses. I only ever received one each year but maybe some of you got loads. Then, the card was followed by a box of chocolates. After we got married the chocolates were replaced by a single red rose. This went on for years and years. THEN, WHAT HAPPENED? The card, the chocolates and the red roses vanished. This Valentine's Day I'll be cooking Sunday lunch as usual. On Monday, after the flowers reduce again in price, I'll visit Tescos and buy myself some roses once more.

PS. I bought Rachel her usual Valentine's Day Card. I'm sure the people in the shops have a second look when they see this old fosey rooting through the Valentine's cards.

Re: Who remembers Valentine's Day?

the verses were so "unclean" and suggestive then!
Remember this one?

"O Darling, my Darling, my loved one almighty,
I wish your pyjamas were close to my nightie!
Please don´t be mistaken, or don´t be misled,
I mean on the clothes line, not in the bed"!

What sinners we were then!

Re: Who remembers Valentine's Day?

More Norn Iron Valentines:

A peanut sat on a railway track,
His heart was all a-flutter.
Along came a great big diesel train............
Ever heard of Peanut Butter ?

Rosie's are red,
Violet's are purple,
Mine's kinda maple syruple,
Should be white,
But that's all right,
The dance isn't until next Friday night.


Re: Who remembers Valentine's Day?


Always good to bring a smile to the face you old rascal.!


Re: Who remembers Valentine's Day?

Hi all,

On Sunday we had a family dinner at Sheena's daughter's house, champagne for St. Valentine's Day memories before dinner & the craic was good, so was the dinner.

Flowers but no cards this year. The young nowadays have no romance tho' the flowers in the shops were all sold out on Sunday in spite of the high prices.

Are we getting old.?????? I fear so but such is life, Pat

Re: Who remembers Valentine's Day?

Yes, I remember the verses too. It was exciting at the time. Good to have the memories
Like everything else, that's all there is now. It was great,
that's the main thing. Today,as promised, I went down to Tescos for flowers
I got one dozen beautiful red roses for a fiver. I bought a bunch of small red roses for £2.50. Then another mixed bouquet of roses for £4. Beautiful
Who needs romance? Typing this on my tablet hence the wonky spacing!!!!i

Re: Who remembers Valentine's Day?

I remember getting a romantic Valentine.....

The sky is blue,
The grass is green,
The black cat sat on a sewing machine,
The machine was a Singer
and started to hum
And put five stitches in
the black cats bum.

Never did find out who sent it...on the envelope was written,S.W.A.L.K.


Re: Who remembers Valentine's Day?


Never heard that one before, funny, a smile in the morning before work begins.

We used to make up our own verses but I forget all of them now.