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Remember when....?

Remember when seems to have got lost in other conversations so here are my recollections.

When every day was a new page to be filled with life & laughter & friends.

When the sun seemed to shine most of the time & outdoors was our playground.

When sodas & wheatens were baked on the griddle & eaten hot with butter melting down the chin. When barmbracks were full of sultanas & the top was dark brown & shiny & lovely with butter & cheese or jam.

When the Picture House was a magic place where we met & enjoyed GOOD films that we acted later on the way home.

When holidays were a day trip to Newcastle, Bangor or Warrenpoint on the steam train & we thought we were seasoned travellers.

When the River Lagan was our playground & the boys learned to swim there in Summer splasing in off the banks.

When youth & innocence were still with us, even until our teenage years & we were happy with the World as it was in our wee town, even in our own district.

When hardly no one left for the bigger World unless it was necessary & then we never saw them again.

When we thought our days were endless & our families would go on forever.

When family was everything & their word was law.


Re: Remember when....?

Hi Pat,

I definitely enjoyed your post, brings back a lot of really great memories.

Thanks also Pat for your good wishes, now, let me wish you all the best for your knee surgeries. You will be back in Ontario before you know it.


Re: Remember when....?

as beano posted, a lovely post from you, so many happy days and memories.

Re: Remember when....?

If I cast my mind back, way back, I too can remember such days.
Each day was indeed filled with good times and good friends, with a little room left for devilment.
I remember my favourite "piece" was a quarter of a soda farl, smeared with butter and a generous helping of mother's strawberry jam.
The Lisburn Picture House too was magical and we took encouragement from the roar out of the pits when " The Three Stooges " or " Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy " appeared on the silver screen.
Movies were enacted afterwards... " You ought not to have said that stranger"......we really got into the part.
With us it was Sunday School day trips to Newcastle, where we purchased those wee windmills on a stick, and held them out the train windows on our way home.
For thrills we walked the thin ice on the Park Dam, not fully realizing the danger of this escapade, and sleighed down roads dangerously close to the rare motorized traffic of the day.
We really thought those days would never end, look at us now.

Re: Remember when....?

"Look at us now". Fortycoats, speak for yourself!!!!

Re: Remember when....?

You must be that Dorrie Ann Gray, we read about.


Re: Remember when....?


You are right when we look at photos of us in our young days & compare now we get a jolt of surprise especially in the last few years