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Hi again all,

Well, would you believe, Joe has gone over to the shed for the garland, so I will close now on that note fo today.

Wouldn't do to be on the computer now. Will bring you up to date later on the progress with the decorating. I Like the chore anyway so here goes. Bye.


Re: Resurrection

Hey Pat, How is the decorating going,my question mark key not working properly and do you decorate the whole house how about outside,here as I am sure you know most houses have outside Xmas lights some quite elaborate something we do not have to worry about now being in a condo. Hope you have a great weekend. Mauri

Re: Resurrection


Waiting for one of our sons to arrive this week to put up the outside lights IF this weather allows. With help from my daughter & Joe (him in a bad mood if things don't go as planned) we have the inside of the Cottage lit nicely. I ove candles & led lights (less bother) blue, white, red, green - cherries, snowflakes, reindeers, small bulbs, lovely if I say so myself.

Crib & baubles still in roof space, will be fetched this week too if things go to plan & the visitors start arriving to see the Christmas Cottage. Looks like next week will be busy with the family visiting on different days. Look forward to seeing everyone again & having a mini-Christmas dinner & a mince pie.

A Very Happy Christmas Season to all, Pat