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Monkey Business

How about a light hearted tale of something that happened years ago to take our minds off the events in Paris etc.
On my first ship HMS Nigeria we were doing a cruise out of Simonstown in South Africa up the West Coast of Africa showing the flag as they used to call it. We had visited several ports, Lagos,Monrovia,Takarodi and were in our last port Freetown. A lot of the crew were ashore and unknown to the Watchkeepers on the gangway somebody had purchased four young monkeys and smuggled them aboard.
It was only a few days later when a couple of the monkesy escaped from the Laundry department where they had been hidden. Well the commotion they caused throughout the ship was unbelievable until they were finally caught and on the Captain's orders were locked up until we arrived back in Simonstown where they were turned over to the Capetown zoo. Those responsible for bringing them on board were never caught and just as well as they would probably have been severely punished.
This was way back in 1947 so I guess most of you were still learning your ABCs or getting up to your own Monkey business???? Mauri

Re: Monkey Business

Mauri I will try and recall a lighthearted story or two but not tonight. We've just finished our dinner and I'm enjoying a nice cup of tea. I've been baking again and am glad to be sitting down for the rest of the evening.

Re: Monkey Business

Ann, Will look forward to your story or two, hope you enjoyed your cup of tea???. Mauri