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I Found this little item on the Internet under Forum Spam, see Flood Control, this is what I suspect is reason for most of our rejections:

Spam preventionEdit

Techniques for avoiding, removing, and mitigating forum spam include:

Blacklisting services such as Stop Forum Spam keep databases of IP addresses and e-mail addresses used to post spam or register forum accounts. Forum software can query these lists and either deny posts or registration, or submit the request for human moderation. This is similar to DNSBL services.

Flood control forces users to wait for a short interval between making posts to the forum, thus preventing spambots from overwhelming the forum with repeated spam messages.

Registration control mechanisms used by forums include:

CAPTCHA (visual confirmation) routines on forum registration pages can help prevent spambots from carrying out automated registrations. Simple CAPTCHA systems which display alphanumeric characters have proven vulnerable to optical character recognition software but those that scramble the characters appear to be far more effective.

Textual confirmation is an alternative to CAPTCHA in which the user answers one or more random questions to prove that he/she is not a spambot.

Confirmation e-mails to users who registered, either containing the password used to log in or an activation code/link.

Manual registration approval by administrators for each account.

Authoritative voice, using an external filtering service to get a verdict if the data is spam or not.

Posting limits on users, both to prevent flooding or to limit posting to certain users (e.g., registered users).

Registration restrictions include:

Denial of registration from certain domains that are a major source of spambots, or even domain extensions such as .ru, .br, .biz.

Manual examination of new registrants for several indicators. Spammers often delay email confirmation of several hours, while humans will confirm promptly. Spambots tend to create relatively noisy user names (e.g., John84731 or JohnbassKeepsie vs. John) in order to ensure uniqueness.

Using a search engine to investigate usernames for hits as recognized spambots on other forums.

Changing technical details of the forum software to confuse bots — for example, changing "agreed=true" to "mode=agreed" in the registration page of phpBB.

Blocking posts or registrations that contain certain blacklisted words.

Monitoring IPs used by untrusted posters, like anonymous posts or newly registered users. A useful technique for proactive detection of well-known spammer proxies is to query a search engine for this IP. It will show up on pages that specialize in the listing of proxies.

Redirecting spammers to "spam subforums" to direct spam away from human users on the main site.

Disabling signature option.

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I think I SPAMMED myself, I don't even like Spam, I prefer Hereford canned beef.



Fortycoats, even though you posted twice, I would still need an interpreter to explain the workings of Spam. Thanks for your trouble anyhow. I prefer M&S tinned chicken for sandwiches.



Clear as MUD.....Pat


Ladies, most of the efforts Webmasters use to prevent spamming and listed in my posting, are as clear as mud.

However, one filter applies which MAY apply to any of us and it is described in the following paragraph:

"Flood control forces users to wait for a short interval between making posts to the forum, thus preventing spambots from overwhelming the forum with repeated spam messages"

In other words some of us are loathe to wait these SHORT INTERVALS between posts. I am as guilty as the next when in a posting mood.