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At the Pictures

I went to the pictures yesterday afternoon. I had intended to go last Saturday but it didn't work out. I was determined to see Far from the Madding Crowd because I had enjoyed the novel so much. I am a Thomas Hardy fan anyhow, even though his books are inclined to be on the depressive side and with very few happy endings. This did have a happy ending, though not for everyone.

I had seen the older film starring Julie Christie, Peter Finch and Terence Stamp. It was good, but this recent re-make is a brilliant interpretation of the novel and doesn't vary from the story at all. I loved every minute of the film and wasn't a bit self-conscious that I was on my own. I wouldn't have attended an evening show alone but the matinee is fine, and it was mostly women there anyhow. If you haven't seen the film, especially if you are a woman, go and enjoy it. I didn't know the actors at all except for one but they suited their roles perfectly. Gabriel Oak was a dream. I would have married him myself. ( I suppose, ideally, a more mature and less good-looking actor would have been more realistic for Mr Boldwood). Apart from that, it was perfect. And regarding Mr Bodwoood, that's jut me being picky.

Re: At the Pictures

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