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Re: A meeting of friends

I should remember, but do not, the sliced loaf's arrival. I wonder did the thick sliced bread come first - I mean, before the thinner sliced pan. In our house, my mother always bought sliced plain for the family. My father however, stuck to his routine and army habit I suppose, of eating unsliced bread. He used to cut a thick slice for himself and ate it with everything. I must admit it probably tasted a whole lot better than the sliced bread. I remember the crumbs from his thick chunk of bread falling onto the kitchen table. He, too, always referred to his slice as a 'cut of bread'.

Re: A meeting of friends

Fortycoats, Mauri and all. We had a nice couple of days away and the weather was good too. I was surprised at how many guests were staying in the hotel as I thought mid-week might be quieter. Mind you, almost all the guests were "oldies" like ourselves, probably having a few days of relaxation in beautiful surroundings. Our room overlooked the lake and we had a great view of all the bird-life in the surrounding trees. Very civilized. However, we're back home again. I'm a bit of a homebird as, even though it's good to get away, I'm always be glad to get home again.

Re: A meeting of friends

glad to hear robins nest is still operating when i was home on leave from air force years ago i still knew a few people in mckeown street including an aunt so spent some time there, on the way back to spruce street via batchelors walk and wallace avenue, overcome with thirst? i always stopped there for a pint or two to refresh? so lovely memories of it.
ps we always called the lane beside menarys? it pipers hill as well

Re: A meeting of friends

Dabbler, the latest news about Market Lane/Pipers Hill. Dominic was in town this morning and when he came back he told me that he had a look at the sign. We are both right. At a high level, at the top of the hill, the sign says "The Pipers Hill". At a lower level, the sign states "Market Lane". Take your pick.

Re: A meeting of friends

Hi Mauri et all,

Yes I have been avoiding the forum for some time
as no one wants to hear any more Bad News that seems
to be happing all over the world.

It all started when we were about to go to Florida.
I had a check up & was informed that I should not travel.
In Feb. I spent a week in North York General for tests.
They in turn sent me to Sunnybrook Cancer Hospital .
Where I spent 2 weeks Getting daily Treatment.
That nocked me for a loop. I lost 40 LBS.
Which I have since gained back 15 Lbs.
The medication that I am on seems to be working & got things under control. I have not got the energy that I had prior to this.
With the excellent help from Oline & my Family I am blessed.
They attend to my needs .
My son & son in law have planted my veggie garden .
I Just sit and watch. What a life .!!!!!!!
Thanks for asking but do not expect a lot more
information as I am being very positive & in good care.


Re: A meeting of friends

John (The Lord), good to hear from you but not so good to hear about your recent diagnosis. However, you appear to be taking this in your stride, and I would expect no less, as you always come across as an optimist in your postings. Having met you confirmed this for me. Nevertheless, the news must have come as a blow. You are blessed to have Oline and your family supporting and caring for you at this time. Keep positive, enjoy the summer, watch the veggies growing, and rejoice in the good family you have around you. Keep in touch and let us know how you are coming on.