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After Easter

Hi all,

After a happy time with family at Easter, sunny warm weather, lots of daffodils & Spring flowers, eating in the garden & reminiscing, we now look forward to the next holiday, hoping the sun will continue to shine.

Earlier this week we were in Connemara but what at a change from the last time we visited. This part was on the fringes of Galway & is now a rich community in large bungalows & houses.

Where are the men in the fields, gathering hay & the children guiding donkeys home with panniers of fresh cut turf.? Where are the thatched cottages.? It is a good few years since we were in Connemara but such a change.

Doubtless the old one is still to be found further West, but time does make many changes. Still a beautiful peaceful part of the country, very scenic & quiet. Enjoyed the break at the Connemara Coast Hotel, where a bus of Northern families arrived & made our day.