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February brings the Rain

The rain started last night. I noticed it on my way for a wee wee about 1 am. (signal for Daphne's entrance). When I arose this morning it was still teeming down. Tess has to be walked whatever the weather. Dominic is painting in the kitchen so it fell to me on this occasion to take her out. I waited for a while and when I thought the rain had died down a bit I got myself and herself dressed in our waterproofs and out we went. I think we had only got out of our drive when the rain pelted down once more. No use going back as we were out in it by now. Suffice to say we were both like drowned rats when we got back to the house. I had to change all my clothes as they were soaked through. Tess gave herself a few good shakes and jumped into her warm bed. As it's a wet day I think I'll make some sausage rolls. I don't know why as they're scoffed as quickly as I make them. Oh well, an exciting day in the house. Might do some cleaning as the place is becoming like a "midden", as Low Roader hinted. None of your Scottish nonsense here, please. You know your mother would have said, "it's like a pigsty". Where's that duster and polish?