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The Lisburn Exiles Forum is dedicated to the memory of James Goddard Collins (The Boss) who single-handedly built LISBURN.COM (with a lot of help from many contributors) from 1996 to 29th November 2012. This website was his passion and helping people with a common interest in the City of Lisburn around the world is his lasting legacy.

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Raggety Bab (Lisburn Free School)

Somebody mentioned the Raggety Bab as a possible subject for discussion. Its proper name was the Lisburn Free School, something to do with what it was when first built providing free books and a meal for its pupils, at least thats what I understood. As a little kid I went there for Sunday School for a short time when if I remember correstly Thomas Haire was the teacher and preacher there, he had a plumbing business located in Graham Gardens and had at one time lived in the USA. Funny enough I can only remember the name of one of my childhood friends who went to the Free as far as I remember the rest all went to Brownlee, Central,Boys etc. Mauri