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Omeath & Carlingford

We took a drive to Omeath and Carlingford yesterday. My brother and his wife plus our two dogs came also.

Omeath has changed, for the better I might add. Excellent roads to and from. The original rocky shore shingle beach has been built into a stylish paved area. It was a lovely sunny day and we sat looking across Carlingford Lough towards Rostrevor and Warrenpoint. The scenery is a picture of real beauty, with the Cooley Mountains in the background. We had a wee wander around before heading off to Carlingford.

As you may know, Carlingford was always more upmarket than Omeath, even in the bad old days, when most of us had nothing. Despite restoration and new developments, it still retains that medieval, magical character. It really is a lovely wee town, spotlessly clean. The narrow streets are full of very stylish restaurants, a speciality being fresh seafood, which is caught locally. There are at least two boutiques, pricey mind you, but there was a sale on in both. However, there was nothing that caught my eye yesterday. (luckily enough).

We found a nice picnic area overlooking the lough and had our lunch there. It was lovely, eating al fresco, surrounded by the sea, mountains and sun

We had a walk around Carlingford before heading home to sunny Lisburn. Today looks nice but I think rain isn't too far away.

Hope you enjoyed that wee travelogue, which I put on especially for the Exiles who remember the places I mentioned.