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I agree now with your wife banning fish cooking in the kitchen. I cooked some kippers for lunch on Tuesday & yesterday the smell was still there. Not to mention the slurry smell outside.


Grandson called in by the back door with his French Fiancee & STOOD in the centre of the kitchen, while I surreptitiously blabbered about kippers etc..... Mortified!!!!



All the swifts are gone,the leaves are turning brown & russet red, the chestnuts are falling & the evenings are drawing in early, so Autumn has arrived.

After a wet start the afternoon is fine but cool, the sky is light blue with a few high white clouds & Nature is quietening down in preparation for Winter. The garden is untidy with flower baskets & boxes straggly & it is time for a fire in the grate & good books for the dark nights & favourite T.V.programmes returning for Winter.

I was listening to Lyric F.M. Music & Mantavoni was playing Charmaine, memories of strict tempo walzing in Dossors's Saturday afternoon classes, long ago.

Wonder where all the years went & so quickly, before we know it we are old, well as Ann & Mauri say, 59 or was it 69??? Music brings back old times & people. Whenever I hear "The Cuckoo Waltz" I think of being in the Mill & my first boyfriend (in the Mill) whistling it in the yard. He died some years ago too. R.I.P.

Larry Cunningham died a few days ago,remember him,with the Jim Reeves voice, singing "Lovely Leitrim". He was only 74 years old. Then Andy Williams before that, all the oldies are moving on, leaving us with memories of the good times.

Oh well, many more good times to come & many more good memories, please God, we are not out as yet. Who says the World will end on the 21st December.2012.?AGAIN?!


Re: Autumn

Pat, We are still enjoying really nice sunny fall weather, though I expect it will change soon. One sure sign of Fall(Autumn) here is the large number of squirrels around getting their supply of nuts ready for the winter, we have a chestnut tree in our backyard and our deck i covered with broken empty shells. You mentioned Jim Reeves he was one of my favourite singers in the early 60s quite often we would sit out on deck and listen to Merchant navy requests on the overseas BBC and there was usually a couple of requests for him,also in the juke boxes in various pubs or bars. Memories. Mauri

Re: Autumn

Hi Pat,

What a nicely written post about the commencement of "Fall". We are in the same mode here in Niagara, multi coloured leaves on the trees and on the ground.....and....the sun still shines, 23c today, rain in the forecast in the next few days.

I was very sorry to hear of Larry Cunningham's passing, he was a very nice guy, I met him a few times when he visited Niagara, he was a close friend of the O'Connor family here in St.Catharines. I must tell you I used to sing Lovely Leitrim with our own band. My favourite song of Larrys was "Among the Wicklow Hills", in that one he definitely sounded like Jim Reeves who was a favourite on both sides of the Atlantic.


Re: Autumn

Mauri & Beano,

My favourite time in Canada is Fall, such beautiful colours in the trees, we don't get that colour here, not enough sun & cold together.

Today is showery & cool, I made vegetable soup for tonight with cabbage & bacon to follow, a traditional dish around these parts. Our own potatoes are finished & the bought ones are not so nice, we notice the difference.

You are so lucky to get 23 degrees in September October, we had no Summer this year & next year is the Gathering in Ireland, a Festival to bring all the Exiles home for a holiday, so everyone will be praying for a good Summer in 2013.

Maybe we will see you all then in a sunny warm Ireland.??????


Re: Autumn

Yes, autumn is definitely here. It's become colder, the evenings are drawing in and the leaves are on the turn. We were in town earlier and it bucketed down. I visited the market for my usual spuds and veg, then home. I notice a Continental Market has set up in the old square so lots of different cheeses, foodstuffs, etc. I don't know how long the market will stay. I buy my cheese in Green's. I've begun to treat myself to a small selection of cheeses at weekends. I know it's bad for the figure but so what? This week I purchased Cashel Blue and Stilton with apricots plus the normal mature cheddar. A nice contrast as one is salty, the other quite sweet and the cheddar is beautifully tangy. Dominic doesn't eat cheese so I must consume it all myself.!!!!

The rain has made way for some sun and clear skies. It won't get any better than this I'm sure.

I try to get out for a good walk every day. It's therapeutic and enjoyable as well. I met a woman whom I know in town last week. She walks everywhere, looks healthy and well and fit. She told me she was almost 86 years old. She doesn't look it.

Have to go as Rachel is here today and needs her lunch.