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Today is my youngest brother's XX birthday. Not entirely sure but I think he may be entitled to a bus pass. Not that he would use one as he's a keep-fit fanatic. Jogs, runs, climbs, enters marathons and generally keeps himself healthy.

Last night I rang him; the phone was switched to answer-mode, everyone watching the Jubilee Concert on TV. I left a Happy Birthday message, thinking yesterday was 5th June. (Told you about these senior moments).

This morning he rang me. I then discovered that today is his birthday so Happy Birthday once more.

Talking about senior moments AGAIN. The other day I noticed our calendar turned to the JUNE page. I wondered who had changed it while we were still in May. It turned out that it was the 2nd June. Talk about time sneaking up on ya.

Finally, a special whispered word (how's that for alliteration) to a handsome Italian with whom I had a brief conversation this morning. "I'll look out for that ravishing photograph but it may be AFTER my holiday". Hope you can wait that long.!!

Now, that's got you all guessing.