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Don't blame the dogs.

Tommy, This my be of interest to you. I just watched a program On BBC Three at 9 pm called "Don't blame the dog", it was about two young Brits, the first was a young girl who owned a very disobiedient dog and who had neither the ability or the interest in training the dog. The other was a young lad who owned and bred his Bull Terrier. The two young people were sent on a scheme to learn about dogs. The place they sent them to was an Animal Sanctuary in Australia. Here they learned how unwanted strays would receive basic training and care by the staff in the sanctuary in the hope that they could be rehomed, another scene in the program showed an old unwanted dog being put to sleep and how this had an effect on the young girl. The young lad who for most of the program could not be convinced that to breed even more dogs was wrong.
Eventually, both the young people had an awakening as to how they should look at dogs in a different way and maybe even learned how their general approach to dogs was the thing that needed changed as much as the dogs needing to be trained.
Next week the program is about some people being sent to Canada to train with Military dog Handlers, most of the dogs in the clip shown tonight for that program were German and Belgian Shepherd dogs.
This will give you another view of the Shepherd Breeds.

Wed, next BBC three at 9 pm.