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The Lisburn Exiles Forum is dedicated to the memory of James Goddard Collins (The Boss) who single-handedly built LISBURN.COM (with a lot of help from many contributors) from 1996 to 29th November 2012. This website was his passion and helping people with a common interest in the City of Lisburn around the world is his lasting legacy.

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the half empty glass


Raise a glass for absent friends
Remember fun and wild weekends

I know we'll meet again someday
But where and when I could not say

You made me laugh, smile and cry
The question that remains, is why?

Because you were unique, my Friend
You followed not, you set the trend

Loved by one and loved by all
You can't pick up now when I call

These days they're but a memory passed
A half cut heart, an empty glass

To you my friend, I raise my drink
Of absent friends we'll always think!

i prefer a full one