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Hi All, anyone passing the Manse at the Methodist Church ,Seymour St. and Wallace Ave. notice anything different re the house?

Re: Different

OK Fraser,
I give up.
The suspense is killing me.
What is the difference?

Re: Different

While we are playing "Guess what", my brother in law and I got talking about Lisburn and he told me about a Mansonic Hall in Belsize Rd, I couldn,t for the life of me remember it, I only remember a Masonic Hall across from the old Police Barracks in Castle St. Anyone know when it was built, it must have been later than 1970 when I left?

Re: Different

As ever, at your bidding, I have spent a lot of time researching this question and can confirm that there is indeed a masonic hall on the Belsize Road about 300 yards (you can convert to metres yourself) up from the park gates.
If you knew where Dr. Johnstone lived it is quite close to there.
It was built 10 - 15 years ago and replaced the one you describe, I think.
Certainly the one opposite the old town hall is no longer a masonic building.
I am pretty sure there are commercial offices there now, but I stand to be corrected.
I hope this allows you to enjoy the rest of your holiday and also get to sleep at night.

Re: Different

hallo lowroader
thank youj for confirming my information to donald he is very hard to convince
gabriel kerr

Re: Different

He is a typical Hilden unbeliever.
It's the school I blame.

Belsize Road Masonic Hall

I can remember my parents going to the Masonic Hall on Belsize Road when I was a nipper, 35 or so years ago. They went with Margaret and Cecil Corken, Bobby Coard and some others whom I can't remember but the Hall is definataely older than the 10 or 15 years Low Roader says it is. Not being contrary just factual.

Gabriel Kerr, Jim McCleery, butcher in Sloan Street says Hello.

Re: Different

Thanks Lowroader / Jim for the info, myself, never have been known to take drink, knew very little about places where alchohol was consumed and certainly did not frequent them, preferring instead the healthy atmosphere and enviorment of the Wallace Park or the Lagan banks.
regards from Gabriel
Greetings from sunny Florida