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A day in 1950

“That’ll be ninepence”, the barber said loudly,
When he finished cutting my hair.
“I’ve left school now”, I responded proudly,
As I struggled out of the chair.

“Oh, have you now, well let me see,
Then that’ll be sixpence more.”
And he carefully hid a smile from me
As he watched me go out the door.

Down Piper’s Hill I walked with pride
Fourteen and three weeks to the day
Eager to let it be known worldwide
That I’d just drawn my first week’s pay.

Wee Chrissy, at her door in Linenhall Street
Smiled coyly as I walked by
To go out with her would have been a treat
But I was much too shy.

The boys were there in the usual place
Just standin’ there, doing their thing
I soon joined them with a smile on my face
As one of them started to sing:

“We are the Piper’s Hill Choir
We sing for three ha’pence an hour
We stand at Menary’s and sing like canaries
We are the Piper’s Hill Choir.”

Re: A day in 1950

That's brilliant Dabbler, I am so pleased to see you back again!

When you kept secret where you came from, I was convinced it was Linenhall St.

One day in the '50's my cousin Gloria Porter took me to a place just off Linenhall St, that was odd and quaint. With a few small houses around each other, I have often wondered where it was, and whether I dreamed it. The children were very poor there. I have never forgotten it. Perhaps you know where I mean.


Re: Re: A day in 1950

Was it Bradbury's Buildings ?

Re: A day in 1950

Bob - Bullick's Court was mine, but I knew big Lizzie Kidd and family, and the Cowans, and the Spences, and the Hamiltons in Bradburys Buildings.

Re: A day in 1950

And, while I'm in the mood:
The Oul Couple

Do y’ see that oul fella lookin’ half-baked
And that oul doll scratchin’ her head?
Y’ might very easily make the mistake
Of thinkin’ it’s time they were dead

It might well be true that when brains were giv’ out
He wasn’t at top of the queue
And when good luks were issued he wasn’t about
But that could apply to a few

Do y’ see that big red mark on his face?
It looks bad, but it’s no longer sore
He got that from shrapnel, as he tied up his lace
Towards the end of the Second World War

As for her, och now, she is a bit mad
But she too has a story to tell
She lost four wee babies, so she’s always looked sad
Once too often she went to the well

Despite their misfortunes, they still live in hope
That tomorrow will bring somethin’ new
A kind word from you might help them to cope
So go on, it’s the least y’ can do

Re: Re: A day in 1950

dabbler- I think you are right. I seem to remember my Great Grandfather living there but that is one of my earliest memories, going back to late thirties or early forties.His name was Raby (Right ya be) Downey.

Re: A day in 1950

Bob, no my granny lived in Bradbury Buildings, so did my cousin Gloria, and I remember there was a family there called Finlay.

Dabbler, I am sure it was Bullock's Court that I remember. Where exactly was it?

Re: A day in 1950 - AND EARLIER

My mammy referred to Mr Downey as an ‘oul atheist’. Wish he were still around. I would enjoy a chat with him.
The police Station is there now.

Re: Re: A day in 1950 - AND EARLIER

He probably was an atheist but he put the fear of god into me on occassions. Wasn't there a family also lived there by the name of Stafford ?

I think my fathers sister Aggie(Boyd)lived at No 1 Bradbury Buildings. I also remember a family by the name of Cord


Re: A day in 1950

Billy Goldie, wartime resident, was definitely an atheist.
The Staffords lived therenext door to the Kerrs in the fifties.
I remember the name Cord in Bradbury’s Buildings, but have no recall of family members.

Re: Re: A day in 1950

We appear to be of the same vintage but obviously your old brain box is in better working order than mine. Interesting how names of people and places help to see back through the mists of time. Looking into the Forum over the last twelve months have certaintly rekindled many memories of my childhood and teenage years.
Keep up the good work.


Re: A day in 1950

An we stud outside Morrows
and sung like sparras,
we were lads from the Leamington choir.

Re: A day in 1950

Bob, I remember the Cord family, there was Margaret, Bobby, Cecil. On the right hand side going up the Buildings, the first house was occupied by my aunt Jean and Bobby Porter, their children Ronnie, Gloria and Robert. You might remember Jean (sometimes called Ginny), she was always game to dress up and sing and entertain, we called her the Dixie girl because she sang the song. Bobby worked in the shipyard.