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Low Roader,

The area between Hancock St. and the Mill gates on Canal st. were known in the Co.Down as "Chinatown" and they had a football team back in the late 40s early 50s.Some of the guys I remember playing were Butch Keery,George Cowan (both recruited from the Hillhall Rd.)John McMullen, Buffer Hull,Milne Haire,,George Collington, Reggie Duffy and Toby Kerr, the others I can't remember.
I do remember they didn't stand on ceremony and didn't take any prisoners. Years later I had the pleasure of knowing a few of them and they were absolute gentlemen.
Some of the younger "Chinatown"residents were Dicky Hanna, Maurice (Tarzan) Leathem, the Mc Cutcheon Boys (Elias and Leo) and Barney Mullholland. Any of these names ring a bell with you Dabbler.


Re: Chinatown

Sorry for the delay in answering.
I missed this post completely.
I remember Butch Keery and Buffer Hull but not some of the others.
Milne Haire has a particular ring about him. I am sure he was either a relative of, or friendly with the Flynn family who lived at the bottom of Grand Street. I am pretty sure he was down the Low Road a lot. The attraction could, of course, have been one of the Flynn sisters.
I certainly played football against a team from the County Down, but if memory serves me right there were a couple of teams from that part of the town.

Re: Chinatown

I remember Canal St being called 'Chinatown' I lived close but didn't venture down that way much except to go to the Sunday School that was held in the Mill on a Sunday afternoon. Anybody else go there? This was around 1953.

I was best friends with a girl called Brenda Haire, and her large family lived down that way. I am sure she was related to Milne as I vaguely connect him with the family. Brenda's dad was John Haire, and her brother Gordon worked in the mill.

I remember too people around my own age in Canal St. Vivien Dodds, Elsie Leathem, Arlene McMullan

(sometimes called Hull, Bill Hull, Ann Totton.


Re: Re: Chinatown

Hi Liz,

Milne Haire, was Brenda's oldest brother, there was also Doreen who is a Brigadier in the Salvation Army in England, Gordon you mentioned ,Cecil and then a younger Brother. I went to the "Island" sunday school as well up to about 1951.