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Forthill Girls High School early 70s

Fer goodness sake Message board n all?
Any of you went to Forthill Girls High early 70s please getg in contact with the Black Sheep here?
The names June I was 1A 2B then out on my ear to Whiteabbey Girls Training School for three years...short sharp shock my ass more like a deep long grinding pain. HAHAHAHA

Would love to hear from anyone that attended on the same days as me......(which were few n far between)
I recall my Form Teacher Mrs Stevenson, English Mrs Morrow, and she who put me off Maths for life...Mrs Tinsley.

Re: Forthill Girls High School early 70s

Hi June

What a wonderful relationship we had with our teachers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!glad it wasn't just me who felt the did they get away with it??????????????????????