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Visit Home

Spent some time in and around Hilden.
The mill still stands but looks pretty derelict. It appears that outline planning permission has been obtained for the building of townhouses on the site and the conversion of some of the mill itself into apartments.
This makes the decision regarding Hilden school look even more stupid.

All the original houses in Hilden have gone except for the crescent right next to the school at the main entrance.

The campaign to save the school is being run in what looks like a very professional way.
There are banners up asking people to register for the new school year and this will surely pressurise the authorities somewhat.
The school itself (from the outside) is just the same as ever.

The area just over the bridge, before you come to Tullynacross has been transformed and it is difficult to remember the place as I knew it.

I sat in Bow street for about an hour on a Saturday morning and never saw one person that I could even claim to think I knew.
I really envy the people of Lisburn for the range of shopping outlets available to them within a very short walk from the town centre and when you add on the M&S and Sainsbury shopping parks they are positively spoilt for choice.
I may be in a minority but I believe all the changes round about the town centre have improved the place, although I was sad to see that Chitticks is closing down.

Castle Gardens.
Difficult to say anything as there appears to be a modernisation programme in progress. I do not know how long it has been going on or how long it will last. I must confess to not, ever, having any affinity with the place, even when I went to the Tech.

Wallace Park
I was advised not to spend too much time here, which was a pity, as much of my courting was done there, but I will just retain my good memories and let the present generation answer for the present situation.

The new Civic Centre is very impressive but I was not impressed with the nameplates along the riverside. Said a lot for the self glorification of the council, in my opinion. But then I never was in favour of communist style policies anyhow.

As an aside I spent a fair amount of time in Newcastle, which is my favourite seaside town at home and I must say that the bottom end of the town has been transformed wit a completely new layout to the promenade and a new bridge over the Shimna. Unfortunately there had been a sewage spillage prior to our visit and large parts of the beach were “out of bounds” so I was unable to indulge in a swim.

I have mentioned the Strand House elsewhere and will not elaborate except to say that it is worth a visit all on its’ own.

Re: Visit Home

The Castle Garden building site was there in May when I was over, so it looks like a permanent fixture. I found Hilden very depressing also , I remember how it was over 55 years ago, bustling and thriving, being awakened by the Mill horn and the tramping of thousands of feet, mostly clad in hob nailed boots. My granny bustling around at lunchtime, getting the dinner ready for the " workers " as she called those of her family who came home for lunch.
I enjoyed a walk along the tow path from the Union bridge to Hilden, then up through what once was the village, through the "wee park " and up past Barley Hill to where the Island mill once stood.