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Hi all ,Renee's son Greg has been keeping me posted and the good news is that Renee is up and talking there is some concern about the use of the left side of her body particularily her left leg ,they are doing more tests ,she is in ICU which she is not happy about ,wants to know what all the fuss is about but the Drs are happy with the way things are going ,if it continues to go well for another 36 hours they can all take a sigh of relief,she will be in hospital for another 10 days ,so we will all pray that she will make a good recovery .Sally.

Re: Renee

Renee Roberts nee McBride did indeed have a brain aneurisym which has has resulted in a mild stroke and the left lung has collapsed. She is as strong and as defiant as usual and even with one working lung and one working side she is still able to tell me to "go chase myself" when I ask if she will request the nurses to validate my parking.

She is very weak, but very vigilant. And anyone who knows my mom will know that she won't go down fighting.

She is still in ICU and will be for another 2 weeks minimum, but hopes and prayers are with her and with all anticpated outcomes, we expect her to be telling me to cut my hair and tuck in my shirt in no time.

Renee can be reached via my email which is if anyone wants to send well wishes.

In the meantime, we hope that she progreses as well as the doctors suggest.

Greg Roberts

Re: Renee

Thank you Sally and Greg for letting us know about Renee. Please keep us informed. I am praying for her full recovery and wish her a very quick and total one.