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where did everyone go?

Hello out there, where did everyone go? Did you all go back to Lisburn for vacation.? Maybe we've all run out of subjects to talk about, but that would be unusual for Norn Iron folks. Hope you're all having a good summer or winter down under.


Re: where did everyone go?

Hello Sylvia,
I was wondering the same thing myself. Maybe a few are on vacation. I'm all talked out since my holiday in Ireland and now I'm busy thinking and planning my next visit. They're having great weather in N.I. I just had an email from my cousin and the temperature is 25c.


Re: Re: where did everyone go?

Hi Thelma,
I'll be going to Lisburn myself August 6th. staying until Sept.12th. Hopefully the weather will be good then too. It's been four years since I've been back. Hope to find some old friends while there.
I've been listening to Radio Ulster, it's so nice to hear those Irish voices, it makes one homesick.

Re: Re: Re: where did everyone go?

Hi Sylvia,
Yes I loved those Irish voices when I was there. I kept thinking that, that's how I used to speak and if my children had been born there, they would talk the same way. We've been in Canada 36 years but I still feel such a pull to Lisburn.

You're going for a nice long visit so have a wonderful time. How do you listen to Radio Ulster?


Re: where did everyone go?

I know how you feel, Sylvia,

It has been quiet. I'm one of you suspect correspondents heading for Lisburn. Leaving Tasmania tomorrow, Monday, we get there Sat 22nd July via Japan and England.

I intend to check out the past comments about changes in Lisburn and maybe report back in September when we return to Tassie.


Re: Re: Re: Re: where did everyone go?

Hi Thelma, Go to home page, scroll down to Sports and recreation and click on Radio ulster, as long as you have "Real player" you can hear it live. I love listening to it, as I can get all the news and weather, sports and everything that is going on.
Looking foward to my trip, I'm staying with my sister and her hubby, they live up off the Longstone, near Niagara chip shop, which I will be visiting.
Also planning to stay with my cousins in Craigavon.
I am originally from Hillsborough, so I am very interested to see everyone there. If... there is anyone left that I know. So many new people migrated out to Hillsborough from the city, during the troubles.

Re: Re: where did everyone go?

Hi Sean, I hope you have a great trip. Sounds like it's going to be a long flight. I can be there in 7 or 8 hours. My arrival date is August 7th, I am probably going to visit and enjoy my relatives, (there are lots of them) with a little side trip to England and Italy. My sister is planning a big get together with family and lots of old childhood friends.
Where are you staying? if I remember rightly you were from the Warren Gds. area.
Have a great time, hope the weather holds up.
Anyone else going to be there in August and September?